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Brownfields Redevelopment Grants
Stellar Consultancy was hired to conduct background research and write sections of proposals for consultant client on behalf of cities. We were successful in obtaining US Environmental Protection Brownfields Redevelopment Community-Wide Assessment Grants for the cities.

Community/Public Outreach
Stellar Consultancy was hired by consultant client to develop and implement interview surveys as required under the US Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Redevelopment Grant Program awarded to cities. Stellar conducted interviews on key stakeholders within the cities and provided summaries for the Community Outreach Programs.

Presentations and Training
Stellar conducted training and detailed written materials on Brownfields redevelopment for consultant client. Stellar assisted in a training workshop for spill prevention at a bulk terminal in compliance with their spill prevention control for above ground storage tanks near a waterway. The owner of Stellar has developed several lecture plans and taught courses at the university on various topics in the environmental field including Brownfields redevelopment.


Profiling, Sampling and Reporting
Stellar conducted an extensive inventory (profiling) of hazardous and non-hazardous materials on large former wholesale nursery site, and arranged for handling and disposal of the materials.  Stellar conducted groundwater sampling and provided reporting on large parcel of land, as well providing background research on the water quality and special water issues in the region. 

Litigation Support - Assessment at Old Landfill
Impact Environmental was hired by legal counsel for an agency to conduct environmental investigations on closed firing range located over former landfill and near a lake. Soil and water samples were collected, analyzed and reported by Impact Environmental, as well as review of extensive technical documentation that was prepared by others and new recommendations were provided to client.

Litigation Support - City Groundwater Contamination 
Impact Environmental provides litigation support on this high profile project involving contaminated groundwater under a city. The city was seeking enforcement actions against all previously owned dry cleaning operations and other petroleum solvent users within the bulk of the city. It was attempting to enforce its own CERCLA-type ordinance with State agency's concurrence. This and other issues had created extensive litigation among various parties. Impact Environmental provided litigation support for law offices representing one defendant. The services involved technical oversight and negotiations with primary contact with representatives at the State agency. 

Investigation, Remediation, Risk Assessment - Cattle Ranch 
Impact Environmental was hired by a large financial institution to solve three environmental concerns on a large parcel of property as the land was to be sold to a large non-profit corporation. These environmental concerns included leaking underground storage tanks, a landfill and soil contaminated with toxaphene near a cattle dip tank.  Extensive investigative and remediation activities were undertaken. A risk assessment was conducted on the cattle dip tank area due to the prevalence of toxaphene (a known carcinogen). The final cost to the financial institution was only a fraction of the original cost. Impact Environmental successfully negotiated with key individuals at the agency to obtain a closure letter in record time. 

Extensive Site Investigation, Arsenic Contamination, Closure 
Impact Environmental worked for a large financial institution and legal counsel to provide an extensive environmental investigation and cleanup of hazardous levels of arsenic in the soil at a large parcel of land. Impact Environmental successfully negotiated a No Further Action Letter with the water board.

Litigation Support - Groundwater Assessment 

Impact Environmental was hired by legal counsel on behalf of a large financial institution relating to a mall located over groundwater contaminated with PCE. Impact Environmental provided oversight and management of the groundwater monitoring, reviewed technical documents and regulatory requirements, and negotiated with the state environmental agency. This allowed groundwater monitoring to continue rather than initiating a costly groundwater cleanup program. 

Reuse of Contaminated Site, Discovery of Undocumented Landfill
Landowner was selling 15 acres of open space to a church with proposed usage as church site with childcare facility.  Impact Environmental conducted a phase I environmental site assessment and an unknown and undocumented landfill beneath the surface was discovered.

Litigation Support, Indoor Air Quality
Impact Environmental were hired to provide litigation support to counsel for a large real estate firm in a case relating to two houses in a coastal city.  Plaintiffs alleged that a mold (Poria Incrassata) has severely damaged the houses.  Impact was hired to review all technical documentation, conduct research, provide letters of opinion, and act as expert witness on behalf of the defendants in the case.

Litigation Support - Indoor Air Quality Sampling, Remediation Oversight
Impact Environmental represented legal counsel on behalf of insurance companies and property managers in disputes relating to mold. Impact Environmental collected samples of surface mold, provided reports showing the results of analysis, and conducted oversight of remediation at several sites.

Radon Sampling and Monitoring
Impact Environmental conducted sampling for radon, conducted research, and provided reports for east coast financial institution.

Characterization of Leaking Aboveground Storage Tanks 
Impact Environmental was hired to investigate aboveground storage tanks that were leaking on a 115-acre horse-breeding ranch with proposed usage for residential development. Impact Environmental was hired to characterize the contents of the tanks, oversee their removal, ensure regulatory compliance, as well as oversee and provide consulting for the abatement of asbestos from a building structure on the property.

Asbestos and Contamination from Sump 
Impact Environmental was hired by a construction company to oversee environmental concerns relating to the sale of a private building to a state agency. The large multi-level office building was to be converted to a new usage for the municipality. The major environmental issues were asbestos and potential contamination associated with a sump. The sump was investigated and Impact Environmental conducted testing and oversight activities of the asbestos abatement.

Building Inspections for Asbestos
Impact Environmental conducted building inspections for asbestos for contractor client in the early 1990s while the county was upgrading buildings to conform to earthquake codes.

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